Things happened to me and I’m glad I did what I did.

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Jesus was the most straightforward man who ever walked this earth. It is us who are the crooked ones, in desperate need of Him to save us whether we realize it or not. We are the ones who weigh and compare one another’s sin, while holding on to selfishness and pride and calling it humility. We are the one’s who try to choose between who our neighbors and enemies are, and neglect to love either of them. We are the one’s who refuse to believe Jesus said that belief in Him is death to self. Instead, we think there is a way to entrust our lives to the Lord, while still maintaining our identity as individuals, so that we may boast in our trusting effort. Either you have submitted to the Holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and received God’s grace unto salvation, or you have fooled yourself into believing that you have believed, and are living comfortably without Christ as your comfort. When are we going to realize that we are actually really really really wicked beings, and we need to bow down to God’s love so we can love Him??


I am in love with this project. This is the way we communicate these days. It is such a huge undertaking, but I would love to someday sit down to explore the whole Bible via quirky animations.

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